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Set Free Adds New Resources for 2013

Set Free Ministry - Wisconsin   Set Free Correspondence Ministry of Wisconsin has prepared two new posters – one for promoting the availability of free Bible courses to inmates and the other is a 52 week Bible Reading Plan.  These can be downloaded from the Set Free website and printed on a local 11″x17″ or wide format printer, or simply email or call Set Free to order them.

52WeekBibleReadingPosterThe 52-week Bible Reading Plan has large print and divides the reading by day of the week.  The Plan can be started anytime during the year, and the poster includes a check box for the reader to mark completion of each day’s reading.  Two encouraging verses from Scripture are placed at the top, and the ministry address at the bottom for future reference.

“Inmates often live in less-than-ideal conditions,” says Dennis Hill, the correspondence school director and leader of the prison ministry team at Set Free. “This large format is easy to see in low light and provides a one-page plan for the student to  read the entire Bible in one year.”

Hill states that one of the primary objectives of the ministry is to provide tools and encouragement in reading and applying the Bible daily.  He calls its “Reading the Bible in 3-D,” a take-off of modern movies and television technology, but with a major twist.

“Yes, the Bible should be read in 3-D,” according to Hill. “God’s presents the 3-D’s throughout His Word:  Daily, Diligently and Deeply.  Today’s society looks for the “short-cuts” and “quick study aids” as alternatives to reading the primary sources, and unfortunately too many have sought the same in their spiritual reading, as well.  Faith is weakened by a lack of understanding the plan of God which He has expressed flawlessly in His Word.  And like a Good Friend, one can only know the God of the Bible through frequent, if not contact connection to Him.  His chosen mechanism is the Living Word, which distinguishes the Bible from every other book or publication.”

Poster2013c“The Word is alive, dynamic and knowable – whether in book form of Bible today or as He appeared in flesh as the Lord, Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago,” adds Hill.  “The more one reads, the more one learns and understands God – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that growth can never diminish or lose its value in the life of the believer.”

Chaplains, prison and jail ministries, and churches with an outreach to incarcerated people can promote the availability of Set Free’s program in Wisconsin using the 2013 Poster, “God Wants Your Attention.”  Like the 52 Week Bible Reading Plan, this poster can be downloaded and printed locally for use.

52 Week Bible Reading Plan and promotional posters are provided to inmates and institutional chaplains free of charge.

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Are You Set Free by Christ?

Thank you for visiting our Internet site  supporting the new operations of Set Free Correspondence Ministry (SFCM) serving the State of Wisconsin.

As an evangelistic educational service ministry of the Lord, Jesus Christ, SFCM wants to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with us, our programs, and the course materials which are all offered freely to incarcerated and released inmates.

At present, our web site is still under construction.  We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of activities as soon as possible. At this point SFCM can provide you with information regarding our history and contact information, as well as our current Course Catalog.  The emphasis of our site is to facilitate the transmission of the Gospel to the unsaved, offer sound, nondenominational courses based on the Bible for growing Christians, and efficient communication among our friends laboring and supporting us in this ministry, locally and globally.

You can reach our volunteers by mailing Set Free Correspondence Ministry PO Box 1731  Milwaukee Wi  53201-1731, by telephone at  414-921-4811,  and by fax at 414-918-4503.   For fastest response, you may also contact us at our e-mail address . We are looking forward to hearing from you.

By the way, if you are not familiar with our ministry which is affiliated with one of the oldest and largest correspondence schools in the world, namely ECS Ministries ( and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you!   ECS has a heritage dating back to 1942, and last year they sent more than 365,000 courses to inmates in the US  at no charge – not even postage is charged the student – adding to a worldwide distribution of nearly 1.4 million courses in more than 125 countries.

Materials are available in English and Spanish.  Chaplains and other servants of jail and prison ministries may obtain materials for others who are imprisoned or recently released by contacting us, too.

You Matter ~ We Care!
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Managing Anger God's Way

The 2013 Course Catalog For Set Free Correspondence School includes two (2) new courses: 

For a complete catalog, download the PDF file for 2013 ->  SFCM-CATALOG 2013  





Set Free Correspondence Ministry of Wisconsin laso has published a tabloid-size schedule to
read the Bible in One Year.  This 11×17 document is sent to students at the time of enrollment
or in an upcoming mailing.  You can download it here and print it at home ->  52WeekBibleReadingPoster.