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Managing Anger God's Way

The 2013 Course Catalog For Set Free Correspondence School includes two (2) new courses: 

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Anger is a God-given emotion, not a behavior. It is neither good or bad, though it excites good or bad behavior depending on our inner spiritual condition.
In this study course, we will learn from Scripture about God’s holy anger. Then we’ll begin the difficult task of aligning our selfish anger and unrighteous behavior with God’s righteousness. This task requires each of us to honestly evaluate our anger tendencies, to remove internal conditions that induce angry feelings, and to learn techniques to manage our anger in a God-honoring way.
If you mismanage anger, this course will guide you into better self-control.

Managing Anger God’s Way

Be Angry and Do Not Sin                              (2 Units)    5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ 128 $6.95

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